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The Supernatural Vision


The first Dimension of the Vision of Supernatural Life Center is to propagate the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all Nations.


The second dimension of the vision of Supernatural Life Center is to Activate the Supernatural Power of God in each believer.


The third dimension of the vision of Supernatural Life Center is to Cultivate the Nature of God & the Destiny of God for each believer.


The Fourth dimension of the vision of Supernatural Life Center is to Navigate Believers to the Kingdom of Heaven


We are so excited that you will be visiting us! Get directions, see the service times and discover what you can expect during your visit to SLC.


We are so honored that you are part of the Supernatural Family. We would love to share with you of what you can expect as you come.


As you grow in your walk with Christ, our desire is to see you discover your full potential in every area of your life. Find out how to connect with us.

Supernatural Kids Ministry looks after your children. KIDS MINISTRY LEARN MORE The fire Eagles youth ministry prepares youths for the future. YOUTH MINISTRY LEARN MORE Supernatural Young Adults Minstry is a great place to network. YOUNG ADULTS MINISTRY LEARN MORE

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  • SLI
  • SSOM
  • Activate

    The spirit of the Lord says, “The ACTIVATE1000 shall not be a crowd but an army, I will pour on them the capacity to multiply A Thousand Times More. It shall be after the birth cycle of a woman, within nine months, everyone on the ACTIVATE1000 would have birthed the next level of their prophetic destiny” Thank you, Jesus!

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  • Exodus


    Exodus literally means a departure from the old into a new experience. I believe that in this season as you become a part of Supernatural Life Center, God is shifting you from the old into a new beginning and a fresh wave of His Spirit in your life. Exodus is designed to be more than a foundation program for new believers, it is an empowerment program that will reveal the Person and Power of Christ to you in a new way and be used by God to shift the trajectory of your life, no matter where you are in your walk with God at this moment.

    It is also the introductory program that gives you the complete overview of the distinct DNA and vision of the Supernatural Life Center and the amazing God experience that lay ahead of you in this anointed House. Welcome to Exodus.

  • Volunteer Orientation Integration Program


    Volunteer Orientation and Integration Program is a special training program specially designed for volunteers and the Workforce of the Supernatural Life Center. It elaborates on the core vision and values of the House and covers extensively on the culture of stewardship and servant leadership that is paramount in Supernatural Life Center all over the world. It also highlights the structure and systems of the Supernatural Life Center and the ministry code of conduct. This training will prepare you to be effective in your service to God and to His people.

  • Supernatural Leadership Institute


    The SLI as fondly called is the breeding ground of Kingdom Giants who are equipped in cutting edge revelation of God’s Word and empowered in the anointing of the Holy Spirit to become World Changers and History Makers

    The Supernatural Leadership Institute has an array of amazing programs and courses that covers extensively on all aspect of ministry. The Institute is embedded with practical hands-on ministry training and mentoring opportunities that will propel the full capacity of the potential of all candidates and manifest the Kingdom Greatness that is locked inside.

  • Supernatural School of Ministry


    This is the advanced Institution that prepares leaders for the five-fold ministry. Its programs are specially designed for those who are called to shift cultures, engage transcultural missions, and take new territories for Jesus Christ.

    The Supernatural School of Ministry is raising many missionaries who are making a global impact in the ministry and in all the seven mountains of influence. It’s really a transformational school.

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Supernatural Nation is a global community of Bible Believing and Spirit-filled believers from every nation, age, gender, and race, Supernatural Nation is a Kingdom Powerhouse and breeding ground for giants, who will manifest the power of the Kingdom of God and walk in divine dominion that will eclipse everything we’ve known in bygone millennium.

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